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The Town Crier

August 3, 2010

 More updates to the site today! Find out more about Ebentane Village, Aque mort Cove and Wonderlust Hollow now!


Special events have been announced today! Watch for updates !

Aque mort Cove

Aqua mort Cove, French for dead water, is home to the Central North Carolina Renaissance Fantasy Faire's Pirates.  Although the pirates are from the 1700's and not quite Renaissance, what Faire would be complete without the Fine Governor's Daughters and the Rough and Rugged Pirates from the Seas?? The Pirates cove has a feel of it's own and is filled with fun and flair of the early 1700's and early America.  The Pirate area is home to the games and fun of traveling faire with entertainment only found with pirates and their tales.  Complete with the Pirate King and all of his crew, the pirate village will take you back to the days when pirates ruled the sea and the land.