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The Town Crier

August 3, 2010

 More updates to the site today! Find out more about Ebentane Village, Aque mort Cove and Wonderlust Hollow now!


Special events have been announced today! Watch for updates !

Wonderlust Hollow

Wonderlust Hollow is home to the fairies and the gypsies.  A place to find your fantasy and dreams come to life.  Belly dancers take the stage, walking trees, fairies and elves making magic, a total kids area that the adults can't wait to visit.  Here you can find the wandering gypsy folk pedaling their wares and trinkets, fairies telling stories and sparkling dust all over. 

Taking the stage here you can find the magical belly dancers from the far east, gypsy storytelling and knights with their story of the dragons.  A truly mystical place full of wonder and amazements to visit while at the fair.